All in a Day’s Work

After much anticipation (for me) this website is up. The purpose of this website is to motivate. An ‘out-there’ that I’m responsible for that has no patronizing qualities. So, I choose you abyss. I’ll be using tthe site as a sketchbook, critique, diary, gallery and  resource centre. Most of my work will be in process, so don’t get too attached or un-attached to anything or idea unless stated otherwise! Please comment or send any questions because the joy of this abyss is that it can be interactive.

One of my many faults which I’m hoping this responsibility will help with is treating my painting like work. Painting for a living will never be 9-5 but I’m trying to make it seem as compulsory. I’m not going to rely on the ill-fated inspiration that torments the already ‘tormented artist’. There was an informative ‘Ted Talks’ lecture from author Elizabeth Gilbert about the history of inspiration and it’s present smeared reputation. I’ll post the link here later. So my goal is to show up to my studio everyday and work.

I’ve just moved to East London, England from ‘Beautiful British Columbia’ and have a little studio 30 min from my flat. It’s a hard transition. I miss my community of familyfriends and journey to my rectangle of a space to live in pictures. Pictures I create from images I see. I will be posting photos of my studio as it progresses. Right now, there is a succession of white sheets, primed and ready to change.


I have no idea what this comment says or who it’s from but I thought I’d approve it anyway because I relate to “gold tree mental with western appearance”.

Food for thought, (well, what I could read of it). I am afflicted with color blindness (tritanopia in my case). I use Konqueror browser (no idea if that makes a difference), and a great deal of your site is hard for me to read. I know that it is not your problem really, however it would be cool if you would bear in mind the color blind whilst undertaking your next web page redesign.

I found your blog on google and read a infrequent of your other posts. I honest added you to my Google News Reader. Hoard up up the tolerable work. Look pushy to reading more from you in the future.

I relate to: exist bright go per reduce destroy

I checked it out and it does make a difference because that browser is quite uncommon. I also looked at your website and it only changes one page out of them all to sample what it would be like for you to see the page so really, it doesn’t give me much of a sense of what it would be like to view my website (or anyone elses) if I was colour blind, defeating your purpose, right?

England vs USA on the first weekend, I can’t wait for the game. Win this one and we’re in.

He says you’re welcome.

I wish I could respond.

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Kyla Harris’s recent body of work stems from numerous NHS appointments and her experience of restricted mobility. Her installations and sculptures are of surrealistic domestic objects made from primarily used or expired medical supplies. Notions of dis/comfort, sustainability and the home are left as remnants of subverted interiors for the viewer to experience. Because of Harris's disability, much of her sculpture is collaborative. She has carers or personal assistants that construct and assist in the making of her work.

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