George Carlin
George Carlin

This is an excerpt from a “song” by comedian George Carlin, in 1975:

Flesh colored Band-Aids. That’s another thing we left the blacks out of, man. Didn’t consult them at all. Flesh colored..we didn’t even consult all the whites on that one. Ya ever notice them Band-Aids? I don’t know anyone that color. It’s kind of an off-coffee. I don’t know nobody like that. And I’ve never seen anybody with their pores laid out in grids like that, man. ******’ science fiction. But some businessman had to pick that color out. He had to approve it. Some man who was assigned a pad…a pencil…a place to write…had to OK the art department. Art department brought up all the ****- “Let me see..55, 51, I dunno..51, 53. That’ll be flesh! 53!” Wow! Didn’t even bother me.

Flesh colored crayons pissed me off! I was a war baby. 1937- I was maybe 8 years of age when it was over. And flesh colored crayons didn’t come in for a long time, man. Flesh colored crayons came in when I was 19. I had been out of coloring for over a year by then. I had gone through rubbing orange and red together.

Seems quite appropriate considering my last post!

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Kyla Harris’s recent body of work stems from numerous NHS appointments and her experience of restricted mobility. Her installations and sculptures are of surrealistic domestic objects made from primarily used or expired medical supplies. Notions of dis/comfort, sustainability and the home are left as remnants of subverted interiors for the viewer to experience. Because of Harris's disability, much of her sculpture is collaborative. She has carers or personal assistants that construct and assist in the making of her work.

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