marie chouinard pt.1
Marie Chouinard Part 1

The video below is a series of clips from the dance “bODY_rEMIX / gOLDBERG_vARIATIONS”. Incredible to watch in the flesh which I have twice. What I find fascinating is Chouinards use of “aid”. It comes in the form of crutches, a harness and in poignant ballet shoes which comment on the nature of the dancers dependance on this adaptation. Now I see everyday adaptations to the body in: high heels, fake nails, flippers and sporting equipment among many other items. I’ll make a list someday. Maybe that should be an art piece?


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What I wouldn’t give to be the choreographer.

© Kyla Harris 2017.

Kyla Harris’s recent body of work stems from numerous NHS appointments and her experience of restricted mobility. Her installations and sculptures are of surrealistic domestic objects made from primarily used or expired medical supplies. Notions of dis/comfort, sustainability and the home are left as remnants of subverted interiors for the viewer to experience. Because of Harris's disability, much of her sculpture is collaborative. She has carers or personal assistants that construct and assist in the making of her work.

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